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Brian Gough

Managing Director
Brian has a PhD and an MSc in fire safety engineering; Is a Fellow of the Institution of Fire Engineers; A chartered Member of the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health and is a review panel member of the IFE Register of Fire Risk Assessors. By Ministerial Appointment, Brian was a member of NIBRAC advising on legislative and technical changes to the building regulations in Northern Ireland.  He is currently a member of the Northern Ireland Health and Safety Appeals Tribunal. Brian oversees all aspects of works carried out by FRSNI Ltd and is the senior Validator for Fire Risk Assessments under BAFE SP205.

Joseph Birt

Senior Fire Engineer
Joseph has 25 years experience working in local authority Building Control as a specialist Fire Safety Support Officer. He has an honours degree in Building Engineering Management and a Post Graduate certificate in Fire Safety Engineering. Joseph has served two terms by ministerial appointment on the Northern Ireland Building Regulations Advisory Committee (NIBRAC). Currently, he is an advisor to the Department for Communities through his appointment to the Northern Ireland Historic Building Council. Joseph provides all fire engineering services for FRSNI Ltd.

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Stephanie Gough

Business and Administration Manager
Stephanie has been working for FRSNI since 2012, having previously worked in the retail sector. Stephanie co-ordinates all the client liaison, administrative and financial aspects of the company, and is responsible for the maintenance of all accreditations and professional memberships. Stephanie also manages the tendering process for new business.

Matthew Cherry

Training Manager and Rig Technician
Matthew has been part of the FRSNI team since 2018, having previously worked as a Business Development Consultant. Matthew has a degree in Business Management and co-ordinates all aspects of Fire Safety Training within the company. Matthew is also trained as the FRSNI Ltd Fire Rig Technician, a vital role in carrying out Fire Warden training.


Ellen Gough

Administration Assistant
Ellen is currently a student completing her Business Studies qualification at College and is able to apply her knowledge and skills in her part-time role as Administrative Assistant.


Willie Kenny

Fire Rig Technician
Willie has recently become a valuable member of the FRSNI Ltd team along with Maureen, having previously had a successful career in the Insurance Industry. Willie looks after all the technical aspects of the LPG Live Fire Rig and first-aid fire-fighting equipment used in Fire Warden training and Maureen provides logistical backup.


Alan Hamill

Fire Safety Consultant
Alan is a former Senior Fire Service Officer who served throughout Northern Ireland. Alan was responsible for all aspects of training within Eastern Area Command (Greater Belfast) having previously served as a Fire Safety Inspecting Officer in County Down. He is a Member of the Institution of Fire Engineers (MIFireE); has an adult teaching qualification; is a qualified “Train the Trainer” instructor and delivers a variety of training courses for FRSNI Ltd.


Gavin McWhirter

Fire Safety Consultant
Gavin has had 30 years experience in the NIFRS, latterly working as a Senior Safety Officer within the NIFRS, Northern Area Command (County Antrim). He followed in the footsteps of his father who was an operational fire fighter in Belfast for over 30 years. Gavin has an NVQ A1 Assessor award in assessing and providing vocational training and using a range of assessment methods. He has been a valued member of the FRSNI Ltd training team since 2016.


John Denvir

Fire Safety Consultant
John retired from the NIFRS after 30 years experience, having reached the rank of Area Commander in charge of all training, operational and fire safety activities in Southern Area Command. He also has family connections with the Fire Service having worked alongside his brother for a long number of years. John has a PTTLS Level 3 Adult Teaching qualification and delivers all types of training courses for FRSNI Ltd.


Peter Craig

Fire Safety Consultant
Peter has an MSc in Fire Safety Engineering and is a Fellow of the Institution of Fire Engineers (FIFireE). He has had 35 years experience working with the Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service, taking the role of CEO and Chief Fire officer in recent years. He has had extensive practical experience in fire safety risk assessment and corporate level experience in management. Peter has also been a member of various boards and National Policy committees and been responsible for legislative fire safety implementation and content in Northern Ireland. He has been a senior Fire Risk Assessor with FRSNI Ltd. since 2013, specialising in Healthcare Buildings and is a Validator for Fire Risk Assessments under BAFE SP205.

Brian Irvine

Fire Safety Consultant
Brian has 30 years of experience in Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service from the rank of Firefighter to Assistant Group Commander.  He is also a Member of the Institution of Fire Engineers (MIFireE). His roles within the Fire Service have provided him with practical experience in fire safety training and education, fire risk assessment and district management.  Brian is involved in the delivery of all aspects of fire training programs with FRSNI Ltd. distributing numerous bespoke training courses in the public and private sectors. He also undertakes Fire Risk Assessment services for FRSNI Ltd.

Wes Currie

Fire Safety Consultant 
Wes is a founding member of FRSNI Ltd. having started the company along with Brian Gough in 2010. He is a member of the Institution of Fire Engineers (MIFireE) and has over 35 years experience in fire safety, having served as a Senior Officer within the NIFRS.  Wes has experience in many facets of fire safety, particularly in the field of Healthcare premises.  He is trained in project management and quality assessment and has managed the delivery of large fire safety programs for major clients including the Northern Ireland Civil Service, Belfast Health & Social Care Trust and Bombardier.

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Richard Maze

Fire Safety Consultant
Richard is a graduate of the Institution of Fire Engineers (GIFireE) with over 40 years of experience within the field of fire safety.  He has been influential in improving the levels of safety in an extensive range of residential care, supported housing, sheltered dwelling and general needs housing accommodation throughout the United Kingdom over the last number of years. Richard is FRSNI Ltd’s lead consultant in the field of specialist housing.

Andrew McCartney

Fire Safety Consultant
Andrew (Andy) has over 30 years experience working in the Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service as a Fire Fighter, Training Instructor, Senior Safety Officer and Senior Manager.  In his role as Senior Officer Andy gained extensive experience in fire safety management, enforcement and accident investigation.  He is a fully qualified trainer/instructor in the fields of Fire Safety, Manual Handling, Fire Investigation and Breathing Apparatus. Andy is FRSNI Ltd’s principal consultant regarding large scale operational evacuation exercises.  

Gary King

Fire Safety Consultant
Gary is a former member of the NIFRS having served as a Fire Safety Inspecting Officer undertaking statutory compliance audits under the Fire and Rescue Services Nothern Ireland Order 2006. He is a member of the Institution of Fire Engineers at a technical grade, (IFE- Technician). Having taken various training courses, Gary is now one of FRSNI Ltd’s most experienced Fire Risk Assessors.


Michael Craig

Fire Safety Consultant
Michael is a former member of the NIFRS having served as a Fire Safety Inspecting Officer undertaking statutory compliance audits of various building types. He has completed a Fire Service College Specialised Instructor Course and is an NVQ A1 Assessor. Michael also has an evacuation chair “train the trainer” qualification and undertakes all aspects of fire safety training for FRSNI Ltd.


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Stephen Todd

Fire Safety Consultant
Stephen is a former NIFRS Senior Officer and has an MSSC (Health and Safety); is a chartered member of the Institution of Occupational Safety & Health (CMIOSH). He is a graduate of the Institution of Fire Engineers (GIFireE), has an adult teaching qualification, and is registered as an approved Fire Risk Assessor with the IFE. Stephen carries out all aspects of Fire Risk Assessment and Training activities for FRSNI Ltd.

Kev Ronan

Fire Safety Consultant
Kev was formerly a Senior Fire Safety Officer with the South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service and is a qualified NVQ A1 Assessor. He was responsible for the Fire Safety Auditing procedure throughout South Yorkshire and has been working for FRSNI Ltd. as our representative in Great Britain since 2014, completing fire risk assessments in compliance with the Regulatory Reform Order 2005. Kev is the principle consultant for emergency and disaster recovery planning for commercial premises throughout the UK and Ireland. Kev (left) pictured with Gavin.

Claire Gough

Non-executive Director
Claire is the non-executive Director of FRSNI Ltd. overseeing a number of key areas including quality control, delivery of training and business ethics. Claire (left) pictured with Maureen Kenny.

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